Litigation & Arbitration Funding

For Law Firms

Use our litigation finance to better serve your clients.

Win new clients and keep existing ones happy in today’s competitive legal market using our capital.

Our flexible litigation funding supports all kinds of fee structures to suit your law firm model and your client. Use it to fund WIP, disbursements, or de-risk your alternative fee agreements.

For Business

We fund your litigation. You focus on your business.

No matter the size of your business, litigation is expensive. Use our litigation funding to de-risk your litigation and our team’s expertise to boost your litigation strategy. Whether you’re a CEO, FD, General Counsel, we’ve got your back.

For Insolvency

Recover value for creditors from litigation assets.

Insolvent entities may have valuable claims but not the resources to pursue them. Insolvency practitioners use our litigation finance to meet litigation costs and liquidator fees to recover proceeds for creditors.

For Private Equity

We fund the litigation. Your portfolio company focuses on its business.

Capital allocation constraints in private equity, venture capital and corporate venturing can leave valuable claims unfunded in portfolio companies. Use our litigation funding to protect capital ratios and eliminate “above the line” litigation expenses to support exit valuations.

Expect more from your funder

Expect more from your funder


Unlike some funders, we have delegated authority over the funds we manage and are not beholden to a distant investment committee at another institution. When you deal with us, you deal with the decision makers.


We make a litigation finance proposal more quickly than other funders because we have an experienced team, internal due diligence capabilities and a collaborative approach.


We can bring a fresh view on litigation strategy to the case, with over 100 years of litigation experience.


We provide finance that is tailored to your dispute and your requirements.  We offer full or partial legal fee funding, and disbursement-only funding arrangements.  We can invest at any stage of the dispute.