For Insolvency

Recover litigation assets for creditors.


Recover value for creditors
from litigation assets.

Insolvent entities may have valuable claims but not the resources to pursue them.

We provide insolvency practitioners with our litigation finance to pay the litigation costs and in some cases other costs of the liquidation, such as liquidator fees, to help recover proceeds for creditors that would otherwise be lost.

We can help insolvency practitioners

We are team players and litigation experts, not just capital providers.
We can fund office holders' fees as part of the litigation funding budget.
Funding actions to recover value for creditors where there is no money to do so.
Advising on legal teams and case management issues.
Working with office holders to maximise outcomes in litigation, checking budgets and legal teams.


Why leading insolvency
practitioners partner with us


We can provide seed-funding to pay for an independent expert or counsel opinion to test the viability of your case.

Non-recourse finance

Our finance is provided on a non-recourse basis – if the claim is unsuccessful, we are owed nothing. The capital can be used to fund litigation or support the insolvency costs, such as liquidators fees.

Partnerships with leading law firms

We have strong relationships with leading law firms and lower cost boutiques to fit the case if required.

Tailored solutions on flexible terms

We provide finance tailored to the insolvency practitioner’s needs. We can fund all or part of the fees or fund the ATE insurance premium or deed of indemnity.

ALF Code of Conduct compliant

As a member of the Association of Litigation Funders we comply with its Code of Conduct that sets capital adequacy requirements and preserves the claimant’s control over case strategy and settlement decisions.

Litigation without the financial risk

Our finance solutions can eliminate the financial downside of pursuing commercial claims.

Independent case support

We are a team of experienced litigators. When requested to do so, we can provide valuable independent advice on strategy.  We are here to help.

Level up against your opponents

Often defendants to claims from insolvent companies do not expect the claims to go the distance because of the claimant’s financial constraints. Our capital and strategic expertise restores the balance, promoting earlier settlements based on merits.


Insights and news from Balance Legal Capital

May 21, 2023
Balance backs Advocate – the charity providing advocates to individuals pro bono

Balance is proud to announce its support of Advocate, the charity that matches individuals in need of free legal help with barristers and solicitor-advocates willing to donate their time and expertise on a pro bono basis.

May 10, 2023
Balance backs the National Pro Bono Centre

Balance is proud to announce it is backing the National Pro Bono Centre as a Gold Sponsor.

The National Pro Bono Centre runs projects to build capacity at the major pro bono charities, amplifying their impact on the front line in providing access to justice for individuals and communities all over England and Wales.

February 13, 2023
Balance Legal Capital donates 2023 charity budget towards the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

Balance Legal Capital is devoting its annual donation budget for 2023 to support the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

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