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better serve your clients.

Law firms operate in a fiercely competitive environment characterised by increasing client demands and downward pressure on legal fees.

Clients now expect their lawyers to be involved in arranging litigation finance.

We give our partner law firms a competitive edge in winning work by providing financing solutions tailored to your firm and client needs.

Law firms are vital actors in identifying meritorious class actions for individuals who would otherwise be denied compensation. We are here to support that process.

We apply our independence, speed, expertise, and flexibility to give you fast funding decisions so that you can serve your client and get on with the litigation.

We help law firms by

Providing seed-funding to help test the viability of your client's case or class action.
Assisting your cash-flow management by removing client credit risk.
Sharing the risk associated with deferred fee arrangements.
Participating in joint marketing and business development initiatives.
Providing our expertise and experience, free of charge, whenever we can assist the case.
Enabling you to expand your practice by taking on new matters and clients that require finance.


Why leading law firms partner with us


We can provide seed-funding to pay for an independent expert or counsel opinion to test the viability of your client's case.

Non-recourse finance for your clients

We offer litigation and arbitration financing, including full or partial fee, and disbursement-only funding arrangements, usually on a non-recourse basis, tailored to the particular dispute and the client’s objectives.

Case assessment support

We assist firms in deciding whether to take a case on a deferred fee basis by providing an independent merits assessment. We stand behind each positive case assessment with an offer of finance.

Sharing risk

We partner with law firms to share risk and assist cash flow management under deferred fee arrangements with their clients.


We give our partner law firms the edge when pitching for new work or for panels. The law firm provides the legal expertise. We provide the capital to support competitive fee proposals or a complete financial solution.

ATE Insurance Premiums

We can fund your client’s “After-the-Event” (ATE) premiums.

A source of new cases

We are frequently approached by corporates or identify class action issues and high-value cases that need lawyers.

ALF Code of Conduct compliant

We comply with the Association of Litigation Funders’ Code of Conduct that sets capital adequacy requirements and rules for control over case strategy and settlement decisions.

Portfolio financing

We finance case portfolios, in whole or in part, enabling firms to expand their contingency fee books whilst also reducing their overall risk.


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June 4, 2024
Event: The Commercial Litigators Forum panel discussing The Post Office Case

Robert Rothkopf, has been invited to speak at The Commercial Litigators Forum panel event discussing The Post Office Case on 12 June 2024.

March 8, 2024
Webinar: Litigation Funding Post-PACCAR – What has happened since the decision and what happens next?

Jeremy Humm will be taking part in the upcoming Thought Leaders 4 FIRE Webinar “Litigation Funding Post-PACCAR – What has happened since the decision and what happens next?”

February 27, 2024
Balance renews support for the National Pro Bono Centre

We are proud to share that we are once again a Gold Level sponsor, supporting the National Pro Bono Centre

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