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We are more than just litigation capital.  We partner with claimants and legal teams to obtain the best outcomes.


Your strategic and
financial ally in litigation.

We are a team of litigators who manage private funds of over GBP 250M, investing in litigation in the UK, Australia, and other common law jurisdictions (ex. USA).

We have extensive disputes experience from the world’s leading litigation firms, strategic and financial expertise, and a deep network in the business and legal community.

We have practised in common law and civil law jurisdictions, and worked in private practice and in-house.

Our Investment Committee includes Lord David Gold and Ian Terry, two of the UK’s most experienced and distinguished litigators.


We invest in commercial
disputes and class actions.

As a litigation funding firm, we invest in commercial disputes brought by businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and shareholders, whether individually or seeking funding for class actions, at all stages of the litigation or arbitration process.

Our capital is used by companies and law firms to cover the legal fees and disbursements associated with pursuing a claim or to support business operations.

In return for our litigation and arbitration funding – which we usually provide on a non-recourse basis – we share in any recovery obtained through settlement or ultimate adjudication of the case.


Funder members of ALF, ALFA and ILFA

Balance Legal Capital is a funder member of the Association of Litigation Funders (ALF), the body responsible for the self-regulation of litigation funding in England and Wales. As a professional funder and member of the ALF, Balance abides by the Code of Conduct for Litigation Funders which was published by the UK’s Civil Justice Council in 2011.

Balance Legal Capital is also a funder member of the Association of Litigation Funders of Australia (ALFA), the equivalent association in Australia, and a member of the International Legal Finance Association (ILFA).

Balance Legal Capital LLP is authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority.


Selected accolades


Access to justice beyond commercial disputes

Balance’s business promotes access to justice by supporting litigants who do not have the means or the capability to fund worthy litigation.

There are many litigants we cannot support on a commercial basis and so we have chosen to make an annual contribution to charities that promote access to justice for the most vulnerable individuals in our two key markets – UK and Australia.
Balance is a proud supporter of Advocate, a charity that matches individuals in need of free legal help with barristers and solicitor-advocates willing to donate their time and expertise.

Advocate promotes access to justice by facilitating the adjudication of deserving cases in all tribunals and courts in all areas of law across England and Wales.
Balance is a proud supporter of the National Pro Bono Centre.

The National Pro Bono Centre runs projects to build capacity at the major pro bono charities, amplifying their impact on the front line in providing access to justice for individuals and communities all over England and Wales. Learn more here.
Offers legal representation and advice to asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers appealing to the UK Asylum Support Tribunal in need of housing or financial subsistence.
Provides legal advice, assistance and representation for financially disadvantaged and vulnerable people seeking asylum in Australia. 

Balance is also committed to minimising its
impact on the environment and to helping the world get to Net Zero.

Balance has chosen to make an annual donation to Client Earth, an environmental charity which uses litigation “to fight climate change, tackle pollution, defend wildlife and protect people and planet”.
Humanitarian Appeal
Balance Legal Capital supports the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.
Earthquake Appeal
Balance Legal Capital supports the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal through the Disasters Emergency Committee.

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