Litigation finance for law firms

Use our litigation finance to better serve your clients

Law firms operate in a fiercely competitive environment characterised by increasing client demands and downward pressure on legal fees.

Clients now expect their lawyers to be involved in arranging litigation finance.

We give our partner law firms a competitive edge in winning work by providing financing solutions and by offering our team’s dispute resolution expertise if required.

Law firms use our capital to retain new clients, expand their conditional- and contingent-fee books, and to manage their risk and cash flow.

We regularly support the business development efforts of our partner law firms by participating in joint pitches for new cases and by making direct client referrals when our clients’ cases need lawyers.

Why law firms partner with us


    We offer litigation and arbitration financing, including full or partial fee, and disbursement-only funding arrangements, usually on a non-recourse basis, tailored to the particular dispute and the client’s objectives.


    We partner with law firms to share risk and assist cash flow management under deferred fee arrangements with their clients.


    We give our partner law firms the edge when pitching for new work or for panels. The law firm provides the legal expertise. We provide the capital to support competitive fee proposals or a complete financial solution.


    Our market-leading case origination strategy gives us first access to clients and high-value cases that need lawyers.


    We assist firms in deciding whether to take a case on a deferred fee basis by providing an independent merits assessment. We stand behind each positive case assessment with an offer of finance.


    We finance case portfolios, in whole or in part, enabling firms to expand their contingency fee books whilst also reducing their overall risk.


    We can fund your client’s “After-the-Event” (ATE) premiums.

  • ALF Code of Conduct Compliant

    We comply with the Association of Litigation Funders’ Code of Conduct that sets capital adequacy requirements and rules for control over case strategy and settlement decisions.

How we are different

Speed of decision

Speed of decision

We recognise that clients expect fast and responsive service.  Our experienced team, internal due diligence capabilities and collaborative approach with our partner law firms, enable us to make a finance proposal more quickly than other funders.

Focus on people and partnerships

Focus on people and partnerships

We are a team of lawyers from leading litigation practices, not insurers. We only partner with litigation and arbitration teams that we believe in, offering capital solutions and support to enhance their client service.

The law firm keeps control

The law firm keeps control

We do not interfere with the conduct of the case. We understand that it is the lawyers’ role to advise the client. We can take this approach because we only partner with lawyers we trust.

Value-added input

Value-added input

Our experienced team provides a fresh set of eyes and can offer strategic input and support when invited to do so.

Marketing approach

Marketing approach

We deploy a market-leading business development strategy, with an emphasis on digital, that gives us an advantage in reaching clients with high-value commercial claims that need lawyers.

Use of technology

Use of technology

We follow developments in legal analytics and other litigation-related technology.  Wherever possible, we will harness the latest technology to enhance our due diligence and assist law firms and their clients.