Litigation finance for business

We fund your litigation.  You focus on your business.

The challenge of managing tighter legal budgets and the rising costs of pursuing claims require business leaders to think differently about litigation.

Increasing numbers of general counsel and finance directors are turning to litigation finance as a way to fund valuable commercial claims, usually on a non-recourse basis.

We provide litigation finance to businesses, entrepreneurs, investors and shareholders – some well-resourced, others facing capital constraints, often as a direct result of the conduct of their counterparty to a commercial claim.

Litigation finance provides accounting benefits, taking litigation costs off the balance sheet and increasing underlying earnings.

Why businesses choose us

  • non-recourse finance

    Our finance is generally provided on a non-recourse basis – if the claim is unsuccessful, we are owed nothing.  The capital can be used to fund litigation or support business operations.

  • Tailored solutions on flexible terms

    We provide finance that is tailored to your dispute and your particular requirements.  We offer full or partial legal fee funding, and disbursement-only funding arrangements.  We can invest at any stage of the dispute.

  • Litigation without the financial risk

    Our finance solutions, coupled with After-The-Event insurance on preferred terms, can eliminate the financial risk of pursuing commercial claims.

  • Level the playing field

    Our capital and strategic expertise can restore balance to the adjudication of a dispute, levelling the playing field to promote earlier settlements and outcomes based on merits.

  • Partnerships with leading law firms

    We have strong relationships with leading law firms and can assist businesses in finding the most appropriate legal team, agreeing and managing budgets, and devising case management strategies. We strike the right balance between providing assistance and letting you and your lawyers get on with running your case.

  • Favourable accounting treatment

    Our financing solutions can remove the adverse effects of litigation expenses from your financial statements.  Our funding can transform a claim requiring an indefinite cash commitment over an unknown period of time into a pursuit that involves zero financial outlay with only potential upside.

  • ALF Code of Conduct compliant

    We comply with the Association of Litigation Funders’ Code of Conduct that sets capital adequacy requirements and preserves the claimant’s control over case strategy and settlement decisions.

  • Independent case support

    We are a team of experienced litigators. When requested to do so, we can provide valuable independent advice on strategy.  We are here to help.

How we are different

Speed of decision

Speed of decision

We recognise that you need fast and responsive service.  Our experienced team, internal due diligence capabilities and collaborative approach with our partner law firms, enable us to make a finance proposal more quickly than other funders.

Focus on people and partnerships

Focus on people and partnerships

We are a team of lawyers from leading litigation practices, not insurers. We understand legal risk and appreciate that not all lawyers and in-house legal teams are the same. We only partner with lawyers and in-house teams that we trust, allowing us to take a “hands off” approach on all of our cases.

Value-added input

Value-added input

When invited to do so by a legal team or the client, we can provide input on case management and strategy, legal budgeting, and risk-sharing solutions.

Use of technology

Use of technology

We follow developments in legal analytics and other litigation-related technology.  Wherever possible, we will harness the latest technology to enhance our due diligence and assist our clients.