Litigation Superforecasting, Part 1: put a number on it

This is the first of a three-part series in which Robert Rothkopf extracts important lessons for litigators and consumers of legal advice from the recent book “Superforecasting – The Art & Science of Prediction”. Part 1 focuses on the need for lawyers to embrace the use of percentage probabilities when considering the merits of a case, not only to reduce the scope for confusion but also to [...]

Levelling the Playing Field: The Benefits of Litigation Finance for Growth Companies

How can litigation finance benefit growth companies? In this blog Simon Burnett draws on lessons from a recent case in which Balance Legal Capital supported a growth-stage content aggregation business in the UK in an IP dispute brought against it by a monolithic Silicon Valley social media company, to explain how litigation funding works and the potential benefits of this type of finance for [...]

London Business School Asset Management Conference 2016

On Friday 4 March 2016, Balance Legal Capital attended London Business School’s Asset Management Conference at Gibson Hall in London. Panellists at the event including the former Governor of the Bank of England Lord Mervyn King, addressed the topic of how asset managers and investors are ‘navigating a low return world’.

ICC/QMUL SIA Joint Symposium

Balance Legal Capital put the leap year’s extra day (29 February 2016) to good use by attending the ICC/QMUL SIA Joint Symposium on “Powers and Duties of Arbitrators: Rules, Law, Practice and Ethics, Emergency Arbitration and Dealing with Sanctions” held at Herbert Smith Freehills.


This blog by Robert Rothkopf, Managing Partner of Balance Legal Capital LLP, argues that recent initiatives of the LCIA and the ICC after the QMWC 2015 survey should be welcomed as they not only increase certainty and efficiency for users of arbitration, but will also increase the number of meritorious arbitrations suitable for financial support from third-party funders.

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